About The Company

About The Company
Welcome to Del Vel Chem Company, a family owned and operated full service distributor of Janitorial and cleaning supplies, where we take loyalty and convenience to the next level.  Our friendly and competent staff always greets you with a welcoming smile, and more importantly, have set no limitations or boundaries to please you.  This "basement-born" business began in 1974, and has been faithful to our customers ever since.

Our goal at Del Vel is to fulfill the commitments we make to our customers, ensuring the highest quality products available at the most competitive prices in the industry.  We are completely devoted to providing the excellent customer service and quality you expect and deserve.

The staff of Del Vel  focuses their time on ensuring customer satisfaction. We are a business that loves going to work in the morning, and knowing that people depend upon the quality of our company makes our satisfaction even greater at the end of the day.  Whether you need ice melt in the middle of a blizzard or simply a home delivery of "Amazing" carpet cleaner, we will always be there to help you. How would I know?  It's simple, my Mom owns Del Vel, and I have grown up in this atmosphere of positive role models, who not only intrigue me as great individuals, but inspire me to be as devoted to excellence!

Yours Truly,
Lauren DelMastro
Cherokee High School, Class of 2010

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